Climate Change Ramblings

In the past few weeks, we’ve had floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters sprinkled throughout the news.  Since science is incapable of understanding these events and the Jew-run liberal media won’t report on them accurately, I decided to return to Arkansas and learn more about these phenomenon from a real expert, Cletus McOnetooth’s pastor, the Reverend Jack Fleecer.  The Reverend Fleecer doesn’t allow the Satanic influence of science to muddle his view of the universe.  Instead, he relies upon what the spirit tells him about the world around us.

“All these here disasters,” Fleecer explains.  “Are predicted in Revelations.  This world was only meant to last 12,000 years, and according to everything we know about history, the world is now about that old, so of course everthing is fallin apart.”

As a concerned parent and responsible person, I was obviously worried, so I asked what I could do in light of such a terrible end.

“Well, first thing, you need to donate money to a worthy cause.  My church just so happens to be taking donations for our ‘The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth Bunker’ we’re building right here in Arkansas.”

Seeing my curiosity, the reverend offered me a tour of the bunker, which was being constructed on the east wing of his house.  The bunker is two two stories tall, has a hot-tub and jacuzzi, and receives both cable and satellite TV.  There’s a game room with a pool table and a fully stocked bar.  The reverend assured me that the bar is only stocked with church approved beverages such as Budweiser and bourbon, so none of his congregation has to worry about picking up something fruity at the liquor store.

“We figure the meek will want some basic comforts after the rapture, so we’re building this here bunker to be state of the art.  Until I’m called home, my job is to test out these comforts and make sure the meek will have a comfortable place to inherit.”

“That reverend is some special man,” Cletus explained.  “Before I met him, I spent all my money on frivolous things like mud-flaps and car stereos, but now, I spend it on more enlightened things like the bunker for the meek and pro wrestling tickets down in Memphis.  And ever week, I tithe the church at least 10% of my paycheck.  I know my money is being well-spent cause I can see the bunker growing and expanding ever week.  It feels good to give to such a worthy cause.”

Unfortunately, my interview had to be cut short, as the good reverend had to attend a Tea Party meeting.

“We’re gonna head down to Little Rock,” the reverend said.   “And protest lower prescription drug costs for the elderly and prohibition of pre-existing condition exclusions.  Them insurance companies have a God-given right to extort this nation, and we won’t stand for no ni…er…socialist trying to stop em.”

“Everbody knows,” Cletus added.  “That all them earthquakes and volcanies is God’s dislike for that Mus…er…socialist in the White House.  He weren’t even born in this here country.  Hawaii, like that’s even a real state.”

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