Monday Evening Ramblings

Just got home from Dragon*Con, and I feel like the weekend was very successful. We made some really good contacts, gave out a lot of information, and had good panel discussions. The show itself is amazing. It’s hard to conceive of the scope — four massive hotels, hundreds of conference rooms, dozens of ballrooms, and thousands of fans. Until you see it firsthand, you can’t appreciate the effort that goes into putting together such an event. I’m also impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the staff. From the moment I arrived, I was treated well, which for a first-time, lower-tier guest is always much appreciated.

The highlight for me was meeting Karen Allen Saturday morning. She was very gracious and offered to pose for a picture with me, which will be posted soon. On Sunday, I got to attend her question and answer session, and she was an absolute delight, sharing many stories about her experiences on different sets.

I’ll post more about the weekend soon. For now, I’m gonna get some rest before getting back to class tomorrow.

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