Character Interview Ramblings, Too

As part of the Worlds of Wonder blog hop, today’s post is a second character interview, this time with Molgheon.

Alicia from Texas wants to know – “I am practicing using the long bow myself, haven’t hit the target yet though. Any pointers for beginner archers?”

As a young dwarf, I learned to shoot from my grandmother.  We had already been fending off the Great Empire for a few years, and she felt it was important for me to be able to defend myself and my home.  At first, I couldn’t even draw back the string, and it was months before I could even get near a target, but she was a steadfast and patient teacher.  She took me out every morning before breakfast and every evening after supper to practice.  In time, I developed a decent aim, so my best advice is to keep practicing until you know how your bow is going to react.  Also, see your arrow striking its target before you let go.  See it and know it.


“What would be your most important lessons that you could teach to the world and younger generations?”

Be self-sufficient.  Don’t wait for anyone else to do something for you because you are your own champion, and you are your best champion.  Whether you are fighting in a war or running a tavern, you are the only one you can truly count on to have your best interests at heart, so don’t wait passively for something to happen.  Take action.  Be a leader.

“Do you ‘like’ Leinjar?”

If you mean do I respect him, yes.  He’s a great leader, much like Red.  He’s endured so much pain and suffering but is still at his core a noble dwarf.  I would march into battle beside him anywhere at any time because I trust his instincts.  He’s good with a blade, too.  If you mean do I like him romantically, then I have to say I don’t know.  It’s been so many years since I allowed myself to feel those kinds of feelings, I probably wouldn’t even recognize them.  Also, my heart will always belong to Carloghone.  But I will say this, if peace is ever restored to our lands and Leinjar becomes a family man again, he will make some dwarf very lucky.

“Do you hate all humans (except Red of course)?”

Not all.  There are some who have decency in their hearts, but I do hate most, and they have earned that hate through their greed and cruelty.  Other than Red, there are few humans I will ever trust.

Carolyn from Georgia asks – “Do you think if you had met Roskin in another time and place perhaps your relationship with him would have been different? And how so?”

He’s lucky he met me old and tired, otherwise I’d have left him somewhere as carrion.  That dwarf could drive anyone crazy with his arrogance and foolishness.  But he’s learning, I guess.  In a way, he reminds me a little of Carloghone.  That fool thought he could do anything, too, and usually he could pull it off.  One time, before we were married, he learned my unit had stopped in a particular town to rest and resupply for a few days.  He snuck away from his platoon, walked three hours to the town to see me for thirty minutes, and then walked three hours back.  About the time he got back to camp, his regiment went into battle.  Somehow, he lived to tell about it, so of course, I had to marry him.

But you asked about Roskin, and I’ll say about him what I said about Leinjar.  One day he’ll make someone lucky, if he grows up a little more and learns to listen better.  He has a good heart and is such a handsome dwarf, with that Loorish colored beard and those dark eyes.  He’s also the most skilled warrior I’ve ever known, but don’t tell him I said that.  His ego is already big enough as it is.

Worlds of Wonder

This character interview originally appeared on Bab’s Book Bistro, May 9, 2012.

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