Wednesday Afternoon Ramblings

I’ve been getting things together for Dragon*Con, and there’s so much work to do.  Rene and I are putting together media kits to give out while we’re there, and we’ve each been looking at the guest list and finding people we think we should give them to.  We’re also making a list of people we want to give copies of the book to: librarians, reviewers, journalists, celebrities.  It’s a tedious process but very important.  I’m also going to contact several of the podcasters and radio stations that are going to be broadcasting from the show and try to organize interviews before we get there.

Last night, I saw on the guest list that Patrick Stewart is a guest, too.  I can’t believe I will get to share a green room with Patrick Stewart, Karen Allen, Leonard Nimoy, George Romero, Eric Roberts, Malcolm McDowell, Edward James Olmos, and many others.  Plus, there are going to be some heavy hitters there from the literary world as well.  Mike Resnick, Kevin J. Anderson, Lois McMaster Bujold, and a plethora of other best-sellers/award winners.  It’s somewhat daunting to be the small-time independent sharing the stage with some of the biggest, most successful names in the business, but I believe in the quality of my work.  I’m as talented as anyone, and one day soon, I’ll be a big name, too.

At Hypericon in Nashville, I was on a couple of panels with Glen Cook, who is about as successful as any science-fiction/fantasy novelist on the planet, and I held my own with him.  I know I belong on this stage, and I’m ready for it, but it’s still a little daunting.

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