Monday Afternoon Ramblings

I survived the holiday weekend.  I took off the 4th, didn’t even really think about the book, but Friday, Sunday, and Monday, I exceeded my daily page goal, so I’m making good progress.  Chapter six is coming along pretty nicely, and I like the direction everything is going.  I finish my summer school class tonight and turn in grades tomorrow, so my plan is to spend the next month really busting my butt to get up to chapter eight and maybe even nine before school starts back.  I’ll have to slow way down in the fall because of my teaching schedule, but if I can get up to eight or nine by then, I can still finish the rough draft by January.

Then comes the real work, the polishing and editing.  For this book, I plan to spend a good five to six months editing each chapter, each scene, and each sentence.  I want this book to be the best so far, and what separates mediocre writing from good and good from great is the willingness to polish and rewrite, so for this book I plan to work with a couple of editors and spend as much time as it takes to get it right.

I know several of you want it done as soon as possible, but I’d rather take my time and get it right, than rush it and disappoint.

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