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Low-Down, Desperate, & Damned

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Here are the early reviews of The Unquenchable Fire:

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great story about redemption and realizing one’s purpose in life, even when that purpose seemed no longer viable. I did find the bible verses a bit canned, but that’s something I’m dealing with in the real world as well so it was only a minor hitch that did not take away from the prose. Sam Skeen is certainly someone I’d like to get to know better.


5.0 out of 5 stars Some of D.A. Adams’ best work! March 3, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
D.A. Adams has done it again. He has used his great storytelling, richly developed characters and intense battle sequences to weave a tale of excitement, adventure and redemption in this supernatural western. If you were a fan of the ‘Preacher’ comic by Garth Ennis in the mid/late 90s, this is right up your alley. Fantastic work!


5.0 out of 5 stars Great story! March 1, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Pale Rider meets Supernatural.

I seriously enjoyed this story. Great western story with paranormal elements and a few philosophical struggles to thoroughly stir the pot. I hope to see further adventures from these characters, as well as some back story for one Mr. Sam Skeen.


Book Five Underway

Book five, the final installment of The Brotherhood of Dwarves series, has begun. My current goal is to complete the manuscript by the end of summer and release it near Thanksgiving. Please, stay tuned as I’ll try to post regular updates on here regarding the status of the manuscript. Some of you have been waiting for nine years for the culmination of this story, and hopefully, you’ll find the resolution satisfactory. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement over the years. I’m blessed and grateful to have you behind me as I close out this series.

While you wait, if you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to leave reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. Book one is only 11 reviews away from hitting 100 on Amazon, and the others still need more reviews, as well. As always, please leave honest critiques that you think will help other readers make an informed decision whether or not my series is for them. I can’t stress enough just how helpful customer reviews can be for books and authors, so please, when you have the time, take a moment and leave your feedback.

One last note, I’m down to two and a half weeks in my education career, so be on the lookout for a couple of posts as I close that chapter of my life and move forward into the next. Again, thank you all for your support. I’m blessed beyond what I deserve.

The Drums Are Rumbling

The Brotherhood of Dwarves - Book One
The Brotherhood of Dwarves – Book One

The dwarven invasion is underway! For a limited time book one, The Brotherhood of Dwarves, is available for $.99 on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo readers.

Here are some review snipets:

“Simply put, Adams delivers a masterful work of fiction. One that you can share with your children. One that you’ll read more than once. One that’ll leave you wanting to read more books like it.” – Amazon Review

“D.A. Adams puts together a story that I found myself reading from start to finish in less than a day”- Watch Play Read

“This story of self discovery is a fine read and I very much appreciate that the character focus is on dwarves. No cookie cutter, young, perfect characters. Real, genuine and unique.” – Jess Resides Here

“If you love intricate world-building, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book. If you like action and adventure, swords and arrows and more, you’ll love it too. And if you’re eager to see those working-class dwarves take a stand, this has to be the series for you.” – Sheila Deeth Blog

“Adams takes time to craft believable characters, even though they are fantastical beings, with their own histories and cultures. This gives a great context to the characters and their decisions and motivations – often lacking from the fantasy genre. It is also tremendous fun to read.” – Amazon Review




A Thought on Reviews

Seventh Star Press Open House

Please, allow me to preface everything I’m about to say with a disclaimer. This is not a knee-jerk reaction to a negative review. I have no issue with honest criticism, especially from someone who digests the entire book but never connects with it. Everyone has individual tastes, and any author who expects to please everyone will soon have that delusion crushed. As an author, I accept that I am open to a certain level of criticism because my work puts me  in the public eye. People have a right to voice their opinions about products they have purchased, and if those products do not meet their expectations, they have the right to vent. Customer reviews are a fundamental aspect of free market principles, and I embrace them wholeheartedly.

What I have a problem with is someone questioning my integrity and ethics. For those who may not know, fake customer reviews are a real problem on the internet, and there are companies that make a lot of money writing them. Today, on Amazon, I got a negative review that closed with an insinuation that my reviews were not entirely “honest.” In this current climate, where fake reviews are being dragged into the light, that kind of accusation could have real consequences against me as I embark on the largest and most expansive marketing campaign of my career. So with that in mind, I want to set the record straight.

Book one was released nine years ago. My first Amazon review for it appeared on August 28, 2005. It was written by a woman I have known for 24 years, someone I consider a friend. My second review appeared August 29, 2005 and was written by a childhood friend who now works as my editor (he was not my editor when he read and reviewed the book).  In fact, six of the first eight reviews were written by either friends or family who I knew before the book came out because as an unknown, self-published author I had no audience base to speak of and that’s who read it. I never once asked any of them to say anything untrue or asked them to give me a specific rating. I encouraged them to be honest.

After those first eight reviews, the next seventy are a solid mix of people I’ve never met in person, people I met through the book itself, former students who on their own sought out the publication, blog reviewers who received promotional copies from my current publisher, close friends, and family members. To my knowledge every single review there was written by someone who actually read the book. Yes, I’ve asked everyone I’ve ever met to please write an Amazon review because I understand how important they are, but I have never made someone give me a specific rating or asked someone to say something they didn’t believe about the series. Yes, last fall I made a huge push to try to reach a hundred reviews before Christmas and pleaded for weeks on social media for everyone to write one. But I have never and would never pay someone to write a review. Are there ratings on there that maybe should be a little lower? Probably. But not because I personally did anything underhanded.

Here’s the thing the person who made that public accusation doesn’t understand: I’ve spent nine years of my life working damned hard to make a name for myself as a writer. In that time, I’ve been knocked down more times than I can count, but I’ve kept pushing forward because I believe in the quality of my efforts. I have suffered, sacrificed, traveled, juggled jobs, and probably shortened my lifespan in an effort to succeed in this highly competitive field because I love storytelling and, according to most people, happen to be pretty good at it. But that one person with his one sentence of speculation could turn away untold numbers of people from my hard work all because he personally doesn’t like the opening chapters of my first book.

Again, I have no problem with him not liking my work, but I have a huge issue with him insinuating impropriety on my part. Perhaps he didn’t consider the consequences of stating in public on Amazon that he questions the honesty of my reviews. I don’t purport to know his motives, and I have no idea if that accusation will damage this promotional campaign, but it hurts me on a deep level to think that someone would attempt to undermine years and years of hard work, of struggle and sacrifice, for any reason. It’s hard enough to survive in this business as it is. It’s hard enough to be seen among the deluge of titles released every year. So here’s my plea to those of you out there who do write reviews: if you don’t like something, state your opinion and leave it at that, but please, for pity’s sake, don’t smear someone’s name with a baseless accusation. You have no idea how that may or may not affect their life and career. Only time will tell if this will have any impact on mine.

Amazon Ramblings

Seventh Star Press Open House

For those who have followed me for years, you already know how badly I want to write full-time.  For those relatively new to following this blog, please trust me when I say that pretty much my every waking thought is somehow connected to making my writing career successful and moving out of education.  Right now, I feel like the books are gathering some momentum on Amazon.  There have been a couple of recent spikes in sales, and books two, three, and four have seen really good movement.  It wouldn’t take much of a push to cross over into Amazon’s top seller category.  To that end, I’m pushing with all I have right now.

If you can, please help spread the word.  Please, take a moment to “Like” my Amazon Author’s Profile page.  The like button is located in the upper right-hand corner just below the Cart.  There are also buttons for sharing that page on Facebook and Twitter.  If you would, please spread my page around and generate a little activity.  Amazon factors all of this into their algorithm for sharing an author’s work, and the more momentum we can get right now, the closer we can get the series into the top top seller rankings.

If you’ve read my books and haven’t yet written a review on Amazon or Goodreads, please do so if you have the time.  These reviews also factor into the algorithm and go a long, long way to increasing exposure.  Most importantly, please leave an honest review.  I’d much prefer a dozen honest three star reviews to one fake five star.  The key is simply the volume of reviews that show activity with each book.  If you can, please take a minute and leave reviews for the books you’ve read.  There’s real momentum gathering, and it won’t take much more to push it over the top.

For all of you who have already supported me so much over the years, thank you for believing in me.  Your encouragement and feedback and engagement mean more than I can ever tell you.  I’m truly grateful for each and every one of you.

Goodreads Review – The Brotherhood of Dwarves

Seventh Star Press Open House
Here is another recent review of book one, The Brotherhood of Dwarves, as posted on Goodreads

I must admit that when I was offered this book to review I was only too glad to accept. You see, I have this thing about dwarves in fantasy. I really don’t care if the races: orcs, goblins elves and all the others are the same as they are in every other fantasy, it’s what the author does with them that matters. It is in this area that D.A. Adams pulls off a great character driven story. There’s no ground breaking, genre shattering new ideas just a well-rounded story that leaves you wanting to read more.

The lead character, Roskin, though of noble descent sets out on a gap year to find a fabled statue, so it’s a quest. There are only so many basic story types and this is one of the simplest – so get used to the idea. Too many people are quick to tear new authors apart for their lack of originality, well it was once written ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ and that was over 3000 years ago. With that settled I’ll get back to the story, or will I. You see, I’m not one for giving the story away, after all I’ll see it differently to you as much as you will the next person. So instead, I’ll just say that I found it to be a commendable first novel. The story moves along at a good pace, is filled with background history that adds richness and depth to story, and gives something to set future stories against. It was long enough to enjoy without ever becoming a hard slog. More words do not make a better story.

I’ll round things off by simply saying that I will go on to read the others in the series in the simple hope that they are at least as enjoyable as this one. Most writers improve with practice, I can only hope that D.A Adams does, that way I will have even better stories to look forward to.

I will be hosting an interview with the author on 12th March 2013 on my website www.theonesaga.com

To see the original review, please follow this link: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/529258550

Goodreads Review – The Brotherhood of Dwarves

Seventh Star Press Open House
Here is another review of The Brotherhood of Dwarves posted on Goodreads March 11, 2013

This was a fun fantasy story that focused mostly on dwarves, and specifically on Roskin. He is on a year long adventure in the outside world prior to taking on his role as the next ruler of the Kiredurk nation. He has decided to set himself a goal to obtain a lost dwarven piece of art called the brotherhood of dwarves, thinking it will bring him recognition and adventure. But the journey isn’t easy, and he encounters many setbacks along the way.

While I enjoyed the premise of the story, I found the execution a little rough in the beginning. The story starts with an encyclopedia-like description of dwarves, and the various dwarf nations and histories. It then had an overview of Roskin and his life and only really became a true story after Roskin left his home. Prior to that, and even at points after, it felt like I was being told about the story instead of experiencing it first hand.

I found the story picked up the further into it I got, especially the ending scenes. I felt those scenes and wished the rest of the book had the same level of reader involvement and interaction.

While Roskin was the main character, I felt that Crushaw was a much stronger, well-developed character. He stood out as flawed and realistic, and his story was quite touching. By comparison, Roskin felt wishy-washy and under developed. When I look back over the descriptions from the beginning of the story to his actions at the end, it doesn’t feel like the same character, and not just in a growth sort of way, it’s more a fundmental change.

Overall, this was a quick pure fantasy, quest-style story that is worth reading, once you get past the info dump in the beginning. I would guess that based on the quality of the story in the later part of the book that subsequent volumes in the series will be better executed than this one, and will make reading this one worth it.

To see the original review, please visit: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/524534843