Saturday Evening Ramblings – 6/15/2019

Obviously, I haven’t written a blog post in awhile. Honestly, I just didn’t have much to say. My life has been going fairly well, and between the vineyard and the landscaping business, I haven’t had much free time for writing.

But at my core, I am a writer, and I need this outlet to process my thoughts, sort through the ideas that filter through me, and express my views of this fantastic thing we call life.

My vision for this blog is to create a small corner of the interwebs that is focused on the positive possibilities that surround us all. If I regrow a small following, wonderful. If not, at least I have expressed myself. My life, though far from perfect and still far from my ultimate goals, is mostly serene and full of contentment, so this opportunity to share my thoughts is merely the cherry on top.

That’s all for now.

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