Goodreads Reviews – The Brotherhood of Dwarves

I want to share some of the reviews The Brotherhood of Dwarves has received on Goodreads.  The following was posted on March 14, 2013

Brotherhood is about Roskin, a prince and heir to the throne but his mother was his father’s first wife, a wild elf making Roskin heir, but different than everyone else. He has always felt his difference and when he is told he gets a year of travel as a poor shlub before ruling, he decides to start a fairly uninformed, half-formulated quest to retrieve a statue called the Brotherhood of Dwarves from a fortified castle in a neighboring kingdom. His plan is to convince an aged, retired general to help him.

As soon as Roskin no longer has his insignia he is pushed around, beaten and treated like the lowest of the low, before even leaving his own kingdom! This is one young dwarf who has a long road of growing and understanding of the world to gather. Roskin is completely niaive and does ridiculously dangerous things, both brave and foolish and kind of falls into his quest, with good intentions, but truly no clue.

I had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the book, I am not one who typically goes in for this type of fantasy, dwarves and war and those long crazy names you only find in this stuff, but it grew on me, just like Roskin. He was one of those teenaged characters who thinks they know what is going on but don’t, that kind of irritate you until eventually they realize what a bone-head they have been, have some angst and then grow up. Roskin really grew into himself and began to “get it” after a bit. He has to go through some trials and make a few friends. But he does finally grow and develop. Yay!

I really was enjoying things a lot as the intensity of the finale hit and folks pulled themselves together to do what needed doing. Roskin’s quest is by no means over at the end of this book, though it might have changed…but I am going to have to read book 2 to really find out where he is going. And luckily I have it!! 🙂 It started as a 3 star book for me, but ended as a 4 star, so I guess I give it 3.5+ stars carved in the handle of a sword.

Here is the link to the review on Goodreads:

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