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As part of the Worlds of Wonder blog hop, here is a collection of book review blurbs about The Brotherhood of Dwarves series

“If you love intricate world-building, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book. If you like action and adventure, swords and arrows and more, you’ll love it too. And if you’re eager to see those working-class dwarves take a stand, this has to be the series for you. It’s even got great illustrations that really do complement the story!” Sheila Deeth – 4 Star Amazon Review, December 5, 2012

“Loved the series , where is book 4 ? I need it !! One of the best reads I have read in awhile and I read a lot!” Vicki Scott – 5 Star Amazon Review, October 27, 2012

“The Brotherhood of Dwarves is the first fantasy I have read that is not from the more popular authors like Terry Brooks, Raymond Feist, Robert Jordan, and the list goes on and on. I picked this book after reading the reviews from others. Let me say, D. A. Adams writes a book that hooks you at the very beginning, and keeps you wanting more, all the way through. This book was a good length, giving you time to enjoy it, but leaving you wanting more when you arrived at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and story line. I would highly recommend the book and the author. I will be looking at other books written by D. A. Adams.” Paul from LA – 5 Star Amazon Review, September 4, 2012

“The novel is short and sharp but always entertaining even if it does end rather abruptly. The main purpose of this entry seems to be in setting the scene: introducing characters as well as the history and geography that I am sure we will get to know much better. It’s a good opening effort and I will be looking out for the sequels and hope they will give us a little more depth to what is a promising start.” Daniel Cann, Fantasy Book Review

“The Brotherhood of Dwarves is good, old-fashioned fantasy. Strong character development and well written dialogue go a long way to help restore my faith in a genre that’s become full of cookie cutter characters and poorly written dialogue. Mr. Adams’ use of unique plot elements was refreshing and MUCH appreciated, after suffering through numerous rehashes of classic fantasy. In short, this was a well written, thoroughly enjoyable book and I look forward to further installments.” Steven – 4 Star Amazon Review, May 1, 2012

“I have to tell you, its been awhile since I’ve enjoyed books with so much character depth. Normally I enjoy the basic spy thriller or piece of historical fiction, but I haven’t read a fantasy novel as good as this since Lord of the Rings so many years ago.” Chad Johnstone – 5 star Amazon Review, August 11, 2012

“Brotherhood is a fast-paced, story driven adventure that avoids a lot of the pitfalls of fantasy writing. It’s done in the modern style, with contemporary-sounding dialogue that’s easy to read and flows well. Grabbed me by the end of the first chapter and wouldn’t let me go until I was done with it.” Jim Gavin, Hard Boiled Jim Book Review

“Truly a wonderful read! Adams cleverly introduces the physical features, customs, and locations of three clans of dwarves in the first two pages! Still leaving room to learn about the humans, elves, orcs, and ogres of his world, it is truly a remarkable achievement. Alot of action, so there is no drawing out of scenes. Once you pick it up, do not be surprised if you are several chapters in before you realize how much time has gone by. Definitely recommend for any action reader – fantasy or not.” Herika R. Raymer – 5 Star Amazon Review, April 24, 2009

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5 thoughts on “Book Review Ramblings”

  1. This sounds like it’s not the first book in the series. Can you list the books in their proper order? I don’t want to buy this one only to discover I should have bought a different one that begins the series. Coming late to a party is no fun.

    1. Book one is The Brotherhood of Dwarves.

      Book two is Red Sky at Dawn.

      Book three is The Fall of Dorkhun.

      Book four is about to be released, but the title hasn’t been announced, yet.

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