Monday Morning Ramblings

It’s a new day.  Finals are over, papers are graded, and final grades are recorded.  Because of low enrollment, I don’t have a summer class this year, and I’m looking at that as a blessing.  The last two semesters have taken every ounce of energy I had to get through, and right now at this moment, I feel utterly exhausted.  I need time to recharge my inner batteries and refocus my efforts on the things that matter to me.  Book four takes top priority this summer, followed closely by the farm.  These two endeavors offer the best opportunity to leave education, and I will give them as much of my time and energy as I can muster.

I probably won’t have much of a social life four the next few months.  Other than getting my sons and attending the two conventions I’ve committed to, I don’t foresee venturing too far from the farm this summer.  If I’m going to regain some measure of mental health and peace of mind, I have to focus my energy on re-establishing momentum on the book and seeing progress on the farm.  Those two things will reinvigorate my spirit and heal me.  Right now, I need that more than anything else.

I’ll get the boys mid-June through mid-July, and I’m hoping to be in a much happier, healthier state of being by then.  The ordeals of the last two semesters have taken their toll, and I’m afraid today I wouldn’t be much good to them, so I’m going to use the next month to heal and prepare for them.  They deserve the best of me while they’re here, and I intend to give it to them.  They will be going to Fandom Fest with me at the end of June, and I’m excited to see their reactions to the festivities that are a con weekend.  They both have such active imaginations and curiosities that the costumes and toys they’ll see there will probably amaze and dazzle them.

That’s all for now.  Today, I intend on cleaning my place and tying up some loose ends on the semester, but I’m not putting any stress on myself in accomplishing either one.  They’ll get done when they’re done.  From this point forward, I’m making a conscious effort to stop worrying about the unimportant minutiae and not waste any more energy on trivialities.  Life is too short as it is, and I need to focus my life and energy on what matters to me.  It’s a small step forward but an important one, and hopefully, by making this change, I can move forward in the direction I want to go.

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