Monday Afternoon Ramblings

Tonight at 7:00 PM, I’ll be a guest on Ali’s Bookshelf, answering questions about my writing and the series.  After reading through the prep questions, I think this interview should be a lot of fun, so please, stop by and listen.  I haven’t done a live interview in a while, so I’m pretty excited about the opportunity.

I also need your help.  Seventh Star and I are about to start a promotion in early May to boost exposure for the series.  If you’ve read any of the series and enjoyed the books, please go to Amazon and leave reviews on the Kindle versions of the books.  The more reviews we can have in place before the promotion starts, the more effective it will be, so please, if you have a couple of minutes, follow the links below and leave reviews for each book in the series you’ve read.  Most importantly, please be honest.  Obviously, I prefer higher ratings, but what I really want are honest reviews with honest ratings so other readers can make an informed decision on whether or not to try the series out.

Many of you have taken the time to send me messages or post on Facebook or comment here about the books, and some of you have left reviews on older versions of the books, but if you can please find the time to write reviews on the Kindle versions, it would mean the world to me.  Again, I’m only asking for people who have read one or more of the books to write a review, and I want honest opinions.

The Brotherhood of Dwarves

Red Sky at Dawn

The Fall of Dorkhun


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