Tuesday Morning Ramblings

The pre-order window for book three is nearly over.  If you want an autographed limited edition hardcover with all the goodies, you need to order today.  I should be receiving the first shipment of copies to sign and personalize in a day or two, and those will ship out by the beginning of next week. Thank you to everyone who has already purchased their copy, and thank you to those who’ve already ordered the Kindle and Nook versions.  So far, the feedback from readers has been excellent.

Hopefully, books one and two will be re-released very soon, and as soon as they are, SPP is going to start a pretty heavy campaign for reviews and interviews.  I’m excited, to say the least.

That’s all for now.  I’ve got another humorous blog brewing, but it’s not burgeoned yet, so that will be a day or two away.  Until then, don’t forget to pre-order your personalized copy of The Fall of Dorkhun today!

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