Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

Some exciting news to report on book three.  I’ve been working with the artist on final tweaks to the cover art, and I must say that she has done a fantastic job.  I can’t wait to share it with everyone.  That means book three is almost ready for print, and pre-orders should begin sometime in October.  Once I know all the details, I’ll share them on here.  I’m hoping for some very strong sales with the launch coming right before the holiday season.  Also, Seventh Star has put together a fantastic platform for getting the word out.  I’m thrilled and grateful to be one of their authors.

On the other side, because Seventh Star will be re-releasing books one and two, I will cease publishing Brotherhood and Red Sky in mid-October, just before pre-orders for book three.  Anyone who wants copies of those versions either to read or as collector’s items, you have about two weeks to order them.  Once I stop production, I will be unable to order any more, and I only have a couple of copies of each in my possession.  So those editions, especially Red Sky, will be fairly rare items.

I’m excited about the future for the series.  The new covers are going to be eye-catching and have some sizzle.  Seventh Star has a pretty large group of reviewers lined up to review all three books, and I’m ready to hit a few interviews to launch the releases.  It’s time to fire the big guns, baby, and let her rip!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings”

  1. Hey Alex,

    I think thats absolutely awesome. The cover art is very cool. Congratulations! Hope you get rave reviews and great profits.

    I tried to order your books off B&N but no go. Are they only available on Amazon?

  2. Xavier, sorry I haven’t been around more lately. Life has me a little overwhelmed at the moment. I miss reading your blog. Thank you so much for the reblog on that post. I’m very excited about the new book.

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