Tuesday Evening Ramblings

I’ll be in Louisville this weekend for FandomFest.  It will be my last public appearance for 2011, unless Seventh Star Press does some kind of a book launch for Book Three.  This will also be my last convention under the banner of Third Axe Media, so it’s a little bittersweet.  I’m hoping to go out with a bang and sell a bunch of books and posters.  The show is shaping up to be awesome with the headliners being John Carpenter and Henry Winkler.

I will head up on Thursday so I don’t have to rush on Friday.  I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting all the folks involved with Seventh Star.  I doubt I’ll get to rest much because of my panel schedule and table, but it’ll be nice to have a weekend away even if I will be working most of the time.

I’ll try to write another blog tomorrow or Thursday will my full panel schedule, so any of my friends and readers in Kentucky will know where to find me.  If you live close to Louisville, come out to the Fern Valley Hotel and Convention Center and check out the show.  It should be a blast.

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