Saturday Evening Ramblings

Day two of ConNooga has been pretty fun.  I had a couple of good panels and got to meet a lot of people today.  David Blalock, author of Swordbearer, stopped by to say hello, as did my buddy Joel Gates, who is a frequent commenter here on the Ramblings.  I also got to see many other people, so please forgive me if I didn’t mention you.  Overall, I’m having a great time.

I love promoting the books and being around creative people.  Next year, I hope to do many more shows.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Ramblings”

  1. Hey! It was great running into you and meeting Mari. I’m glad she had fun. Thanks for coming to the con! You probably had some panels to go to? I wanted to attend all of the literary track, but my boys had some stuff they wanted to do and then got really sick so we had to cut our day a bit short.
    Hope to see you next year!

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