Friday Morning Ramblings

In racing terms, I’m rounding out of turn four and can see the finish line.  The good news is that the bad weather allowed me to rest a little and kind of shake this cold, although I don’t feel 100%.  The bad news is that the weather has pushed everything to today, so I haven’t gotten to get a jump start  on the grading before the weekend.  With grades due Monday, that means quite a bit of work this weekend and Monday morning.  However, once grades are turned in, I’m taking a break and relaxing a little.  I’m exhausted from this grind and need o recharge my batteries a little before the spring semester starts.

I get the boys the 29th-4th, so that will help reinvigorate me.  Last night, Collin gave me a list of all the things he wants for his birthday, which is in February.  He hasn’t even gotten through Christmas but is already planning for his birthday.  He’s a funny kid.  That’s all for today.  Now, back to the chaos the weather has created this week.

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