Thursday Afternoon Ramblings – Thankful #18

I’m thankful for competent people.  It seems like such a simple thing, but competence truly is one of our scarcest commodities.  Whenever I encounter a competent person in a business, I make every effort acknowledge how much I appreciate their efforts, and I attempt to provide them with repeat business.

One of most competent people I know is my mechanic, Kenny Drinnon, owner of Drinnon’s Auto Repair.  He’s helped me out tremendously in my life by getting my vehicles back on the road and keeping them in good running condition.  Anyone who has gotten work from him can attest that Kenny is not only a competent mechanic, he’s also fair and honest.  I’m grateful to have him as my mechanic.

Another competent person is the lady who works at the Subway on Wears Valley, the one next to Clabo’s Campground.  She is one of the most efficient sandwich makers I’ve ever seen and works hard every day.  She remembers her regular customers by name and greets them as they come through the door, even if she’s in the middle of making an order.  She’s like a throwback to the customer service I remember as a child, and I’m thankful that she works at the Subway across from Pigeon Forge High School.

There are other competent people I’ve encountered lately.  I wish I had time to give all of them the proper respect in this entry, but this week has been long, and my brain has puddled in the bottom of my shoes.  But if you get the opportunity, tell a competent person thank you the next time you encounter them.  Personally, I’m grateful for each and every one of them.

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