Saturday Night Ramblings – Thankful #13

I’m thankful for my health.  While I have been dealing with some serious issues with my blood pressure over the last year, I am still for the most part a fairly healthy person.  I’ve trimmed four inches off my waist in the last seven months, and I feel as strong and healthy as I’ve felt in many years.  I still have a couple of inches to go before I get to my goal, but I’m on the way and will get there.

I’m eating better than I’ve ever eaten in my life.  I have a protein shake and bar for breakfast, both low sugar and low calorie, usually a Subway sandwich on whole wheat for lunch, another shake and bar for an afternoon meal, and usually a salad for supper.  I’ve cut out all between meal snacks and do not eat any sugar at all.  I’ve also completely stopped drinking all sodas.  That was a difficult step, but since I’ve done it, I feel incredibly better.

Right now, the biggest obstacle to my overall good health is the immense stress of work.  Once I can escape that, I’ll be much better off, but I’m thankful that I’m a pretty healthy person with very few issues to contend with.  In that manner, I’m truly a blessed person.

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