Wednesday Morning Ramblings

Here’s an update on my venture into running:  When I first started, I could barely complete 1/6 of a mile.  Now, my routine has become walk a mile, run 1/3, walk a mile, run 1/3, walk a mile, run 1/3, for a total of four miles.  Currently, I complete this routine in about an hour and five minutes, which averages to walking a mile in 19 minutes and running each 1/3 in less than 3:45.  I know these times are still really slow, but I feel my endurance coming back and some strength returning to my legs, so I hope to get the walking down to fifteen and the running to around 3:00.  Ultimately, my goal is to build up to three consecutive miles running in thirty minutes.  It will take me a little while to get there, but I will do it.

So far, I’ve lost a couple of inches around the waist, but my weight hasn’t come down any, so I’m hoping that I’m just building back some muscles.  My blood pressure is still too high, so I really need to get this weight off me.  I’m making some adjustments in my diet and will continue running as often as I can.  Overall, I feel pretty healthy, but the blood pressure is still worrying me.

Also, the farm is still progressing forward, albeit slowly.  This semester has been so brutal that I barely have time to get there and do anything, but I hope to stay on schedule and get the first test crop started in January.  I’m very excited about the possibilities there.  We shall see.

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