Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone in the workplace adopts the attitude, “That’s not my job.”  It’s especially irritating when that someone normally behaves in a very casual, laid-back manner, taking liberties with the day-to-day regulations that overwhelm a state facility.  I rarely ask anyone else to do anything for me, so when I’m spread thin from teaching an overload and dual enrollment, do ask for a little help, and then get that attitude, I take it personally.  Nowhere in my job description does it implicitly direct me to be nice to staff, so don’t be surprised if I stop going beyond my job duties, too.

IF I were the kind of co-worker who constantly asked others to carry my share of the load, maybe then you could draw a line in the sand and tell me that enough’s enough, but I’m not.  I come in early everyday and stay late most of the time.  I make my own copies, grade my own materials, teach my own lectures, serve on my own committees, produce my own assessments, and administer my own tests.  I work hard all week and most weekends, and while I might complain about the bullshit, I get my job done.  If you’re too busy to help me when I really need it, don’t expect me to waste my energy being kind to you.  I’ll save my energy to deal with the ripple of bullshit that you caused me today with your little tantrum.

And to the Princess who still gives me the cold shoulder because you didn’t get your way, get over it.  I’ve got a cold shoulder, too, and I don’t care a bit to use it.  This job is too demanding and too stressful for me also to take attitude from bitter, old women.

Venting done.

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