Sunday Afternoon Ramblings

Yesterday, my mom had an accident while shopping in town.  She was trying to turn left across traffic and saw the first car coming but not the second.  She got T-boned in the passenger side, and her car is pretty mangled.  Not sure if the insurance company will total it, but they very well might.  She was taken to the ER via ambulance, and one of the first responders was a friend of mine from childhood.  He kept her calm and took pretty good care of her, so I owe him a big thanks.

All of her X-rays and scans looked normal, so she didn’t have to stay in the hospital, but she is pretty sore today.  The biggest blow was to her ego.  This was the first accident in her life, over forty-five years of driving, that was completely her fault.  She recognizes that age played a role in it, too.  A few months back, she got caught in town when it started snowing and was involved in a no-fault fender bender, but this one was just a matter of losing focus on the road, which she has never had a problem with before.

She’ll probably drive again, but maybe not.  She’s pretty shaken by the experience.  I know for me after my motorcycle accident, even though I rode for a full year afterwards, the erosion of confidence pretty well ended my riding days.  So much of our day-to-day existence revolves around our own self-confidence that it’ll be interesting to see how she responds to this event.

In unrelated news, I plan to get back to work on book three tonight after a wonderful two-day break and some much needed R & R.  That’s all for now.

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