Thursday Morning Ramblings

My goal is to get back to work on book three tonight.  Last summer, I had so much good momentum before school started back, and then, duel enrollment completely derailed me.  I only have about 4 1/2 chapters to write, so the manuscript will be completed by the end of June.  Then, I’ll get to work on editing and polishing.  With any luck, the book will still be launched by Labor Day.

To my friends and readers, my apologies for taking so long with this book.  It seems as if life has gotten in the way of this one at every turn.  The story is pretty good, and a lot of the central plot points of the series begin to come into focus, so hopefully, the wait will be worth it.  For now, please believe that I’m as disappointed as anyone that this book has taken so long to complete.  I had hoped to be well into book four by now, but like I said, life has gotten in the way.

On a positive note, I will be releasing a few previews over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the blog for that.

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