Thursday Afternoon Ramblings

Either from my sons or from the convention, I’ve come down with a wicked cold.  All week, I’ve been knocked flat by this thing, and I have way too much to do to be out of commission for an entire week.  I have important emails that need to be written, and a couple of interviews that I want to put together, but I truly haven’t felt like doing any of it.

I despise being sick.  I’d rather be beaten with a large stick than have a cold or the flu.  I can’t stand feeling like I’m not myself.  Normally, I can push through a cold and just ignore, but the last couple of times I’ve gotten sick, I’ve been overwhelmed by it.  I’m not sure if I’m just getting older or if maybe all the stress of the last couple of years has weakened me, but I definitely don’t have the constitution I once had.

Hopefully, I’ll get better in a day or two.  Until then, I’m gonna watch a little more TV and play a little more Farmville.  As cool as that might sound, I’d much rather be focusing on the work I need to get done.

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