Wednesday Night Ramblings

We live in an amazing age.  Yesterday, I shopped around for a printer for the poster Rob Brown designed.  I looked at one brick and mortar store here in town, and the man, while very kind, seemed confused and overwhelmed by what I wanted.  After probably fifteen minutes of discussion, he went to his office and scratched out a quote.  His price was well over what I could afford, so discouraged and disheartened, I came home, believing that I would have to wait even longer to get this beautiful artwork into print.

Then, I sat down with Google and searched for printers online.  Within minutes, I had browsed through three or four different sites, each with automated quoting systems.  The first couple were similar in price to the local shop, but a little less expensive.  Then, I found one that had an amazingly efficient system that within seconds had an affordable quote exactly to my specs.  After a few minutes of tinkering, I had a quote for twice as many at half the price.  I uploaded the file from my desk here in Tennessee to their server in LA, a file which I had downloaded from my artist in Georgia.  This morning, I awoke to a PDF proof that was a perfect match.  After a little deliberation and some second-guessing of myself, I paid for the order, and with any luck, this time next week, I’ll have the posters in hand and ready for this year’s convention schedule.  The truly amazing thing is how natural and normal the entire process felt.  Welcome to the digital age!

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