Welcome to My New Blog

I’m a novelist from Tennessee, and I’ve been blogging on MySpace for years, but recently, the activity on there has really slowed down, so I figured I step up to WordPress and give it a try.  Primarily, I write fantasty action adventure, and most of my blogs are about what I’ve got going on with publicity and promotion, but I’ll write about anything from the NBA Finals to NASCAR to politics.  Hope you enjoy my aimless ramblings about whatever pops into my head  at that moment.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Blog”

  1. This is great. I have never really known anyone that was an author. I’ll be checking back occasionally. I want to thank you for teaching me so much recently at Tusculum. I really appreciate all of your help and patients. Congratulations on the reviews and everything.

  2. Well, right-freakin-on! I’m glad you’re doing this my friend. Set up feeds so we can all subscribe. Best of luck at the upcoming con.

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