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Reader Interview Ramblings

As part of the Worlds of Wonder blog hop, today’s post is an interview with an avid reader. Lily of Bookluvrs Haven was gracious enough to join the Ramblings and answer a few questions about being a reader:

What is your favorite genre?  What about that genre appeals to you the most?

This is such a difficult question because I am a really diverse reader. I enjoy so many genres it is hard to pin point a single favorite. However, after reading ‘The Hunger Games’ series, which I really enjoyed, I began to search for more dystopian novels that are similar to read.

And for some reason, I can’t stop myself from reading anything and everything that has zombies and/or apocalyptic situations. Not sure why, because the idea of either completely freaks me out. Maybe I enjoy reading a good scary story. That would certainly explain my teen obsession with Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine books!

What is your favorite book or series?

So much to choose from, but I will have to hand the title of favorite to ‘The Game of Thrones’ series, by George R. R. Martin. I went through a reading phase of just fantasy novels at one point, I couldn’t get enough.

A co-worker of mine was also a big reader, and we started exchanging books, and he lent me the first book of the series, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Once I got through the first chapter, I was a goner. Everyone ceased to exist around me whenever I had one of those novels in my hand. I will never forget when I walked over to a park during my work lunch hour to do some reading.  I burst out into tears on a park bench when I read that one of my favorite characters was killed, and having to explain that to a couple of people that were concerned and asked if I was alright.

I was incredibly excited when I heard that a tv series adaptation was being produced, and love every episode so far.

If you could have lunch with one author still alive today, who would you pick and why?

Being a blogger you get to meet and communicate with many independent authors, published authors and publishing house representatives via the Internet. It has been one of the best and interesting aspects of blogging, to actually interact so much with the people that bring you those stories.

I really can’t choose only one. But the first picks that come to mind are Kenya Wright, author of ‘Fire Baptized’, the Habitat Series and Alicia Wright Brewster, author of ‘Echo’ and ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’. Every interaction with them has been filled with laughter and fun, and I would LOVE to have lunch with them one day and just chat.

How do you feel about movie or TV adaptations of your favorite works?

I get ridiculously excited, but then very nervous. For the most part, there have been very few adaptations that I have found worthy of the novels that inspired them.  Once important sequences of events are changed, I become an outraged, ranting beast. When I went to watch “Queen of the Damned’ in the theatres, a movie adaptation of the same titled book by Anne Rice, I almost got up and walked out, because so much had been changed from the book. And I was not happy about it at all.

On the other hand, if you ask me how I like ‘The Game of Thrones’ series, I won’t shut up about how awesome they are. Because so far, they remain true to the books, and to me that is important.

If you as a reader could give advice to young authors, what would you tell them?

Please edit, edit, edit. Don’t be too anxious to publish or cocky with your draft that you don’t put it through the editing cycles. For me, poor editing is distracting and it becomes challenging to connect with the story when you are distracted by editing issues. For others, it is an outright pet peeve that can earn you a really negative reaction. Take the time to edit. You deserve to publish, and we deserve to read your very best final draft.

How often do you write reviews for the books you read?  If often, are you more likely to review books you love or hate?

Since starting Bookluvrs Haven with my friend, Erin, in April 2012, I review 99% of the books I read. Whether I liked the book, or hated it, I will review it.  I always try to be gracious and sometimes comedic with my thoughts.  Writing reviews for books that I ended up not liking is always tough, because you want to be respectful but at the same time express your feelings on the book.

Reading to me is my mental break and brings me enjoyment. Therefore, I ALWAYS choose to read a book that I think will entertain me and that I will really enjoy. Most of the time, I choose well. Sometimes, not so much.

Worlds of Wonder

Tuesday Morning Ramblings

Dear sons, it makes me so proud to know both of you are embracing reading.  I can’t stress enough how valuable and healthy this skill can be in your lives.  Reading exercises your brain in a way nothing else can, which improves your intelligence, helps you retain more knowledge, and keeps you sharper longer.  Reading is one of the best ways to learn new skills and self-educate, both of which can go a long way to achieving the self-sufficiency I’ve stressed to you before.  Being literate empowers you in more ways than I can even begin to express.  The older you get, the more you will be grateful for learning this skill and embracing it.

Reading is also fun.  There’s not much more entertaining than diving into a new world and meeting new characters in a well-written story.  If you read good books, you will rarely be bored, and your imaginations will grow immeasurably.  Some of my fondest memories from childhood involve reading books, and much of what has shaped me into the man I am today came from the pleasures of reading.  There’s nothing wrong with playing video games and watching shows/movies, but reading is a much better, much more beneficial, and much healthier activity.

One day soon, you’ll be old enough to read my books, and that thought both fills me with pride and terrifies me.  If you love the stories, of course, I’ll be delighted, but if you don’t, I’m not sure how I’ll feel.  I wrote them for you, hoping to share a heroic tale that would inspire you, and I care more about your approval than anybody else’s.  So when the day comes when you do begin reading them, I’ll be more nervous than with any other reader.  All I ask of you are two things: please be honest with me, and please be gentle.

Enjoy reading, guys.  You have both entered into a pastime that can change and enrich your lives forever.  You make me proud that you both enjoy learning so much and that you are beginning to absorb books.  I promise you I will provide you with as many as I can find, and you will have an endless source of entertainment and education.  I love you, boys.