A Deeply Personal, Angry Rant

I’m probably the whitest white guy you could hope to meet, so honestly, I probably have no business saying anything about the happenings in Ferguson. But I’m going to speak my mind anyway because I’m pissed. I’m pissed for my black friends who once again feel as if our justice system has failed them. Before any single one of my white friends chimes in with a “yeah but,” shut the fuck up and listen. I hate the expression white privilege as much as the next person because there hasn’t been anything privileged about my life at all, but I’m absolutely aware that if I’m detained by the police for any reason whatsoever, if I’m polite and respectful, most likely I will get out of it unscathed. My black friends DO NOT have that luxury. If you disagree with that simple fact, fuck off and get out of my sphere. Permanently.  You won’t be missed.

I’m pissed at the latent and overt expressions of racism I’ve seen coming from white people ever since Michael Brown was gunned down in the street unarmed. If you think he deserved to die because he was a “thug,” fuck off and get out of my sphere. I’ll guarantee I was just as much of a smartass punk at 18 as he was and probably did ten times worse, and I didn’t deserve to be shot. Besides, this whole thing isn’t just about him. It’s about the thousands of black men who have been murdered by authority figures who never face punishment for their excessive uses of force. Michael Brown has just become the symbol for that oppression. If you think jokes about work boots not being looted is funny, fuck off. If you want to make analogies to OJ or the poor kids murdered in Knoxville or use this as any other excuse to express your internal racism against minorities, fuck off. Just because you don’t use the word nigger doesn’t mean you aren’t a racist.

I’m pissed that my white friends can’t see that their “yeah buts” are exactly the response the powers that be want. As long as working class whites are fine with working class blacks being treated like animals, caged in the prisons of the slums with little hope of escape outside of athletics, we will never push back against the oppression of the wealthy elite. As long as we allow race to divide us, we will never be anything but suckers and doormats for a system that fucks us over and drains us dry on a daily basis. And that is exactly what they are counting on. If you believe that THIS SYSTEM as it stands is what’s best for the average American, you are a delusional fool. Sorry to be the one to break that to you, but any system that allows billionaires to pay poverty wages to working people while receiving billions in corporate welfare and simultaneously dodging their tax responsibilities is morally bankrupt and doomed for bloody civil war. You can accept that lesson from thousands of years of human history or you can bury your head in apple pie and sing Lee Greenwood tunes.

I’m pissed that we are controlled and ruled be an ever shrinking wealthy elite who buy politicians and rewrite laws into their favor and then blame the rest of us for not succeeding in spite of the game being rigged in their favor. I’m pissed that conservatives want to blame everyone but big business for the mulching of America, and I’m pissed at liberals for being too spineless to actually do anything about it. I’m pissed at myself for not hoisting the black flag in my youth, when my body was still strong and virile enough to fight for real change. I’m pissed that now I’m virtually powerless to do anything of substance except write angry blog posts.

To my black friends, I’m sorry I failed you. I tried to build bridges; I tried to make a difference. While I know I made the effort, ultimately, I have failed at making any dent in the poison of ignorance and racism once again consuming this nation. To my white friends who harbor latent racism in your hearts (if you have in any way uttered that Michael Brown got what he deserved or that “those people” are acting just like you thought they would, I am talking directly to you.  Yes, you) fuck off and get out of my sphere. Whatever time I have left on this earth will not be spent on people mired in the divisive charade of hate that is racism. From now on, my time and energy is reserved for those who want to unite all of us working poor who want to shrug off the yoke of oppression and ensure that equality and justice are for every single person in this country, not just certain groups. If you aren’t in favor of that, fuck off. You won’t be missed.

26 thoughts on “A Deeply Personal, Angry Rant”

  1. Normally, I allow anyone to comment on my posts, but for this entry, please be informed that any racist comments will be deleted permanently without being approved.

  2. For one if you’ve been following this from the beginning you would know that Brown wasn’t some innocent kid that was gunned down. Eye witnesses stated that Brown went after that officer several times, trying to get his gun. Justice was served. The Grand Jury did the right thing and wasn’t persuaded by the pressure of the media or politicians. They followed the facts, evidence and what the law stated. My black friends understand all of this. Oh by the way, I’m far from being a racist.

    Nice rant though.

    1. Never said he was innocent. I said he was unarmed. If you call that justice, a DA purposefully tanking a grand jury to keep the case from going to trial, then you have a warped sense of justice.


  3. I have many friends of many colors that agree with the decision, and agree with the actions of the officer. You my friend are a weak weak individual that is not in touch with reality. It’s people like you that end going on a mass murder rampage, or hanging yourself for family and friends to find because your so selfish. Go talk to therapist before you loose it dude. Cop was right, decision was right… Your wrong dude.

    1. Let’s assume that Wilson was right. Was the force then right for leaving the body in the street for over four hours like a dog? Was the force right for lying and changing its story time and time again in the days immediately following the incident (that little bruise on the cheek most definitely was not an orbital fracture)? Was the force right for accosting journalists and peaceful citizens for filming their militarized crackdown? Are you concerned at all for your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights?

      1. Your blog, your rant. God knows I have enough of them on my blog. But it seems as if you are pissed for a wide range of issues, some not having anything to do with racism. I get the feel you might be one of those conspiracy theory buffs. Sorry to hear that you constantly live in fear of social injustice and subterranean political intrigue and profit-mongering agendas (along with your unfortunate battle with MS.. to which I bow to your fortitude and stamina). But I will admit to one thing I might pursue in greater depth… the universal police idiom that when you draw your gun on someone to defend yourself that it’s an automatic shoot-to-kill response.. vs. shoot-to-wound if that can neutralize a situation and maybe save a life.

    2. Wilson was wrong because he is a COP. He’s not a judge. He’s not the jury. He’s not an executioner. If Brown had been white and attempted to hit him, he’d have fought back instead of going “OMG he’s gonna kill me” over a couple blows that barely left a mark. (I saw the photos. Did you?) He’d have tried to take Brown alive. Brown would have stood trial. If you want to have rule of law you are going to have to submit COPS to that rule of law and FORCE them to respect division of powers. Anything less is going to lead to a police state. What they do to black people is a PRACTICE RUN for how they intend to treat US later. They did the same thing with gun control. They started it with black people. Now they are looking for any excuse to impose it on all of us even if we’re law-abiding. Every encroachment we allow, they will continue and worsen. Don’t expect them to slow down just because. “Power never concedes anything without a demand. It never has and it never will.”

  4. Mr. D. A. Adams- You have blogged what so many feel in their hearts. I applaud you and couldn’t agree more… RE: I have failed at making any dent in the poison of ignorance and racism once again consuming this nation … I would like to put blame elsewhere and say … we as an nation have failed!

  5. Thank you. I don’t necessarily agree with ‘why’ the system is broken, but it IS broken. I also don’t necessarily agree that skin color is as big an issue as some are making it out to be. Cops kill a lot of innocent white people also. But the specific reasons, in my mind, are unimportant. We have an out of control government and out of control police in this country and we all need to come together to fix it. And unfortunately, peaceful measures have been tried and failed. Fact is, no revolution (and that’s what a complete shift in government and police is) has ever been successful through peaceful opposition. For change to be made, there must be casualties. It sucks, but it’s the only way.

    1. Why would you feel skin color was an issue? You don’t have to deal with it and you don’t have to listen to the people who have direct experience.

      I will say this, the white people the cops target are nearly universally poor or in some other way disadvantaged. But in the same socio-economic bracket they will harass blacks before they harass whites.

  6. Thanks for speaking up for those of us who won’t argue because we live in places where if you argue rights with a racist you get jumped by 50 racist people.

    1. You can see some of the feeble attacks on me here, ranging from the lighthearted cheeky to an accusation of mental instability to conspiracy theory nutcase. Bring em on. In the end, justice will overcome tyranny.

      1. I think Mr. D.D.Adams will have a thankful Thanksgiving. He’s gotten all this blog attention (and good or bad, attention is attention) just for ranting about things that he will never change. Good formula for drawing crowds; be more controversial than what you are talking about. I need to do that just because I have a blogger’s ego too.

  7. Those of you who don’t agree with what DA Adams has written are either completely ignorant or racist. It seems like ever since Barack Obama was elected President, this country has turned ugly. This country is more divided now than at any time in my memory – and I agree that this is exactly what the BTB wants to see.

    As someone once said, it you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

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