Wednesday Night Ramblings

My readers are out there.  I know they are.  I can’t explain how I know it because it’s more an intuition than a rational thought, but I feel it in the core of my being.  My readers are out there.  They need stories of heroism and redemption in this age of cynicism and greed.  They need to immerse themselves in a gritty tale of ordinary people enduring and overcoming tyrannical times because that archetype has passed from one generation to the next for millennia.  They yearn for a connection with self-sufficiency, not supernatural hocus pocus.   They crave a triumph of rational thought over superstition.  I know they are out there because I can hear them in the calm hum of serenity when I close my eyes in the dark.  My readers are out there.

I just need them to find me.

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