Wednesday Night Ramblings


The zombie apocalypse has already occurred; it just wasn’t how Hollywood had envisioned it.  Instead of decaying corpses feasting on human brains, we have cat memes, sports fanaticism run amok, celebrity worship, and puppet show political “debates.”  Meanwhile, our infrastructure is quite literally crumbling around us and our civil liberties are disappearing almost as fast as species are going extinct, but the masses are so distracted by the bright and shiny locomotive, they refuse to acknowledge the approaching ravine.  It sickens and frustrates me.  I feel like Plato’s prisoner, trying to explain the sun while the cave dwellers measure shadows cast on the wall by firelight.

I write about our imploding educational system, one or two people notice.  Someone posts a video of cat attacking paper, two million views.  Our elected officials refuse to negotiate or compromise for the betterment of our entire economy, people shrug.  A football player goes through a slump, fans go to his home to berate him.  Our priorities are askew.  We deserve the impending corporate shackles soon bound to our ankles.  We deserve this Huxleyan nightmare we’ve built and all the soma that comes with it.  I’ll catalog a few more of the failings of our system, just to fulfill my goal of illustrating to the outside world that some of us fought against it, but I’ve given up hope of enough people in this country noticing or giving a damn.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Ramblings”

  1. I was just telling a friend of mine tonight how I absolutely hate sports. Athletes are called “heroes” and it makes me sick. They are no heroes. Unless I’m with family and friends and am coerced to watch something like the super bowl, I simply refuse to get caught up in any of it.

    The level at which the coaches at these universities gets paid is sickening to me. The kind of money these sports “heroes” get makes me want to puke. It’s not our governments fault…it’s not because people have nothing better to do…It’s because we have decided to elevate gifts above giver. We’ve decided, as a society, to worship men and their abilities over God, or even if you’re not religious, at least have an attitude of gratefulness for the freedoms that we have inherited. Our freedoms are seen as liabilities and threats in the eyes of our government. We only have ourselves to blame. So what do we do instead? We throw millions, if not billions, in the direction of these “heroes”, all the while our culture is deteriorating and our heritage is being re-written.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Alex. Our priorities are seriously out of whack and we, as a society, are devolving at an alarming rate. I’ve always wondered how the great civilizations in history collapsed. I’m beginning to understand now.

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