Late Night Ramblings

I’m laying here in bed, thinking of my life and the lives of my friends. This isn’t the America we were taught about. This isn’t the country we grew up in just thirty years ago. Where did we go so wrong? Is the Great Experiment dead? Will freedom and democracy be nothing more than a blip in human history? We certainly don’t live in a representative democracy right now. I don’t know a single person who feels as if any level of government represents them or their interests today.

The optimist in me wants to believe that humanity can overcome where we are at this point in history. People have faced darker days and worse obstacles. My papaws both fought in wars, one in WWII, the other in Korea. They both shed blood for this country, and I want to believe they didn’t do so in vain. I want to feel hope for tomorrow.

But the realist in me sees darker days before the light. Our system is rigged against the average person. Some want you to believe the problem is that half the country lives on welfare, expecting the rest to care for them. You’ve seen the propaganda, but the facts don’t support that. Take a minute of your time and research the actual numbers of who receives government assistance and what percentage of that money makes up the overall federal budget. It’s a small amount.

What I see, what scares the hell out of me, is a growing shift in this country of a new form of slavery. Working people who toil their entire lives making fortunes for the corporate masters without livable wages, without adequate healthcare, without suitable education, without any possibility of upward mobility or leaving a better life for their children. I call it the New Dark Ages.

People are regressing. Civility and decency are receding. Look around in public. Look at how dumb and ignorant people have become. Look at how rude and aggressive people are on the roads. Look at how many people go through their days like mindless drones. Look at what’s popular on TV. We’re hardly more than savages.

At this point, I have no answers. I can’t see a way out of this downward slope into a plutocracy of the unfathomable haves and the great mass of working slaves. Every time I hear a conservative rail against redistribution of wealth, I want to scream we already have it. For the last thirty or forty years all our wealth has redistributed upwards. All the laws, all the regulations, have been rigged to favor big business and those who already have. As a person who gets up everyday, trudges to work, sacrifices my health for scraps, and coasts through the last week of each month on loose change, I feel no hope for my future. I know I’m not alone. I know most of us feel something similar.

I want to believe again in my country, in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, but right now, I truly don’t feel free. I don’t feel like a person who has any say so in my own future. The people who make decisions about my life are so disconnected from my reality they can’t comprehend how their decisions affect my daily life, and what’s worse, they don’t listen or even seem to care. That’s not how a democracy is supposed to function.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up, go to work, trudge through another day, work on book four, and maybe fantasize about big sales, but in my heart, I’ll feel trapped in a broken system, in a dying democracy, in a once beautiful dream that’s dissolved into a nightmare.

This isn’t the country I grew up in.

2 thoughts on “Late Night Ramblings”

  1. Indeed, our’s is a sad state of affairs. We wave the flags of freedom and yet our branches of government are clogged with silly, non-issue debates about whether one group or the other has the right to exist, function, and prosper, Untill we find leaders who have read The Constitution and take it seriously, warts and all, the dark cloud which hangs over our country will be here for a while. And, we voters bear a great deal of responsibility too. We don’t educate ourselves! We don’t hold the “powers that be” accountable and we are largely willfully ignorant enough to believe that the gaping maw of Hell yawns before us should we ever dare to vote with out hearts and minds. I speak out every chance I get. I post memes, make comments, ect. For not one instant do I expect to change anyone’s mind. This is simply my way of drawing a line in the sand and hope that the future generations of my family will not look back on my views in shame, like our generation bears the shame of slavery, segregation, racism, and so on. It seems useless to want better for a society that cannot want better for itself!

  2. All free societies carry within them the seeds of their own destruction. We’re sliding into fascism, moving into a corporate feudal state. It is interesting, although not comfortable, to experience it in rapid time, as opposed to the hundreds of years it took Rome.

    I used to think I wrote SF. Now it feels more like prophecy. The cultural divides are becoming too deep. Soon the sheer size of the US, coupled with these divides will force the country to split as unsustainable. I just want to end up in a country that believes I’m human. This is in some debate at the moment.

    A new sort of society will rise, and more after that. No nation is forever.

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