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The Writers’ Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy

In seeking publication for his newest workshop project, Bram Stoker award-winning editor Michael Knost sought a small press, for the care and enthusiasm a good one harbors for the genre and its fellow writers. Seventh Star Press is that kind of publisher, bringing its own love for science fiction and fantasy to the project, and its “got your back” attitude for genre writers and other small and independent presses.

Seventh Star Press is very excited about the opportunity to release this project, but as it is one outside of our originally projected 2012 publishing schedule, a little help from outside is needed to bring this project to fruition.

Perhaps the first question that comes to your mind, if encountering us for the first time, is:  Who is Seventh Star Press?

Formed in the fall of 2008, Seventh Star Press is a respected speculative fiction publisher based in Lexington, KY, boasting works from such authors as Jackie Gamber, Michael West, D.A. Adams, Steven Shrewsbury, David Blalock, R.J. Sullivan, J.L. Mulvihill, and Stephen Zimmer.  The press also features two highly-acclaimed, award-winning artists, Matthew Perry and Bonnie Wasson, whose creative work is featured on the covers and interiors of all SSP releases.

Now that you have a little more of an idea about us, we would like to introduce you to the particulars of this proposed book project.

The Writers’ Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy is a collection of essays and interviews with some of most influential names in the industry; each article covering a specific element of the craft of writing science fiction and fantasy.  The collaborators in this wonderful anthology include:

Neil Gaiman — “Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”

Orson Scott Card — “On Rhetoric and Style.”

Lou Anders — “Nebulous Matters, or Speculations on Subgenre.”

Lucy Snyder — “Ursula K. LeGuin Talks About A Lifetime in the Craft.”

James Gunn — “Beginnings.”

George Zebrowski — “Middles.”

Jay Lake — “Endings.”

Nayad Monroe — “Tim Powers Talks About Writing Supernatural Awe and More.”

Pam Sargent — “Talking Too Much, or Not Enough: Dialogue in Science Fiction and Fantasy.”

Geoff Fuller –– “How Alien the Alien: A Primer on Viewpoint.”

Nancy Kress — “The Green-Skinned Zorn Laughed With Grief: Character and Emotion in Science Fiction and Fantasy.”

Harry Turtledove — “Alternate History: the How-To of What Might Have Been.”

Kelly Green — “Larry Niven Talks About the Collaborative Process.”

Joe Haldeman — “Hemingway Talks About Writing.”

Nisi Shawl — “Unbending Gender.”

Alan Dean Foster — “Reverse Engineering: Writing Novelizations.”

Alethea Kontis — “Kevin J. Anderson Talks About Spin-off Novels and Prequels.”

Elizabeth Bear –– “Tactics of Worldbuilding.”

Jackie Gamber–“Ann and Jeff Vandermeer Talk About Weird Fiction”

Michael Knost — Short fiction editors Ellen Datlow, Stanley Schmidt, Gordon Van Gelder, James Patrick Kelly, Mike Resnick, and John Joseph Adams discuss what they are looking for when reading submissions.

Levels of Participation

There are seven levels of participation, six of which involve receiving a version of the book, ranging from the eBook to a limited hardcover edition.  We invite you to look over the various levels and rewards in this campaign, the core of which serve effectively as a pre-order offer for The Writers’ Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

What does the money raised in this campaign go towards?

The money raised in this campaign goes towards paying pro-rates for collaborators, as well as cover art fees and other hard costs involved in producing this title.  It will be issued in a limited hardcover edition, softcover, and various eBook formats.

How You Can Help Further

We encourage tweeting, posting, sharing, and we happily do interviews too!

You can join with us in bringing writers a wealth of insight and writing advice in a book that is rich in premium content.  Take a look at the seven options we have for this campaign and come aboard today!

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