Friday Morning Ramblings

About to hit the road for FantaSciCon in Dalton, GA.  Looking forward to seeing some old friends, like Rob Brown and Ed Crandell, and hopefully meeting some new ones.  If you’re near Dalton this weekend, come out to the show and stop by to say hello.  I’ll be hosting two panels on Saturday.  At 2:00 PM, we’ll discuss the various races of fantasy literature, and at 9:00 PM, I’ll expose the glamour and glitz of a writer’s life, from limos to champagne jams to the endless parade of adoring readers.  It’s like rock’n’roll without the hearing loss…

I’ll try to write at least one update over the weekend, and as usual, I’ll be posting regular updates on Facebook and Twitter.  Hope everyone has a fun, relaxing weekend full of laughter.  As for me, time to go get a little more swagger back.  Look out Dalton, D.A. Adams is about to rattle a few windows!

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