Thursday Afternoon Ramblings

For today’s entry, I want to do something a little different: I met Frank Fradella last year at FandomFest, and not only was he the best-dressed person at the convention, he was also one helluva nice guy.  Frank is working on putting together a short film to enter into a contest sponsored by Ridley Scott.  Please, if you can spare $10, donate to help finance this production. I’ve used IndieGoGo myself and can personally vouch for the authenticity of the site.  Signing up is easy and non-intrusive, and you can choose to make your donation anonymously if you so desire.  Also, I can assure you that your contribution will be used solely for the purposes of creating this film and nothing else.  Let’s help make this happen.  Here’s a synopsis of the project:

The Chameleon Affair is an espionage thriller short film that’s being created for a contest sponsored by YouTube and Scott Free Productions (Ridley Scott’s production company).

The story focuses on Chameleon, a girl who was raised to be a “honey pot” by a covert organization posing as an orphanage. Two years ago she faked her own death, but when an artist’s rendering of her is good enough to run afoul of the company’s facial recognition software, they realize that she’s still alive and the chase is on.

And then there’s Bishop, the operative she seduced to help her fake her own death (and whom she subsequently abandoned), who feels very much the fool and is only too glad to be tasked with bringing her in.

Father, the head of the organization, wants her alive. Mother Superior, who is (unbeknownst to everyone but Father) actually Chameleon’s mother, wants to keep her safe.

Bishop, it seems, has other plans. The film culminates in an explosive confrontation in the Great Plains Zoo.

No. Seriously explosive. Things go boom.

It’s a very ambitious film we’re making here. We’re taking on a lot more than you’d usually see in a 15-minute short film and we’re proud of the team we’ve put together, including Bruce Hoyer and Shayna Baszler — two MMA champs — who are handling the fight choreography.

We’re trying to raise just $3000 for this production. Most of that money goes to pay our cinematographer, the award-winning DP Doug Lee, and to rent the expensive camera package we’ll need for the 4-day shoot. The rest of the money goes to paying for food, gas and lodging for the crew. None of this is frivolous or goes into our pockets.

What’s on the table if we win is a half a million dollar film deal with Ridley Scott’s production company and, if we lose, at the very least, we come away with a film we can take around to festivals.

Any help is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Frank Fradella
Paper Lantern Productions

To donate, please got to:

7 thoughts on “Thursday Afternoon Ramblings”

  1. It’s a pity that the best-dressed person at a convention has not US$3,000 in the pocket… 🙂
    Never mind, looking forward to see this short…

    1. That was actually an inside joke between Frank and me. The convention was experiencing a record heatwave, yet he and I both chose to remain in our suits despite the heat. We kept teasing each other about who was better dressed.

      1. Hahaha, then I’m considering contributing… BTW I really love espionage films (good ones only 🙂 and the plot of this short seems promising…

  2. If you’re still on the fence, the script is available up on the Indie GoGo site so you can see the whole story. The only stipulation is that we only have 15 minutes, so we’re packing a lot in there!

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