Monday Morning Ramblings

These are all three covers together in one shot, in case you can’t see them on the sidebar.  It should be pretty obvious I’m extremely excited about the reissues and expect this year to be a breakout one for the series.  Bonnie Wasson and Seventh Star have done an amazing job creating eye-catching layouts that are above and beyond my expectations.

So far, the response to book three has been positive, and if you’re one of the people who has read it and sent me direct feedback, please take the time to post reviews on Amazon, B & N, and Goodreads.  The more positive reviews we can get, the more people will be willing to try the series.  Seventh Star will be sending out copies to many review sites, so hopefully the responses from them will be as positive as the ones I’ve gotten from readers.

Also, please remember that voting for the Tor Readers’ Choice Awards is open until the 20th.  If you feel Dorkhun is worthy, please vote for it as either best novel or best cover art.  Even though I won’t win, the more votes the book gets, the more exposure for the series.  Even just a handful of votes could spur a huge boost in sales.  Even if you read the book yet, you can vote for best cover, and I definitely feel as if that cover is as good as any other.

That’s all for now.  Be on the lookout for the official press release very soon!

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