Wednesday Morning Ramblings

I wanted to work outdoors today, but so far, the rain is making that impossible, so I’m sitting here thinking about my series.  Now that I’ve survived the fall semester, I want to get back to work on book four.  I’m a grinder, a slow-plodding writer who moves slowly through each scene.  In order for my process to flourish, I need to write at least 5-6 days a week.  Otherwise, the narrative becomes choppy and disharmonious.  With dual enrollment and the volume of grading involved, I simply can’t write on a book in the fall.  However, spring is more relaxed, so I plan on pouring a lot more energy into the book.

I’ve been thinking about success a lot lately.  My definition of success for me as a writer is to be able to earn a living solely from my books, and right now, I’m still a long way from achieving that goal.  My biggest frustration is feeling uncertain of how to expand my readership.  I’ve gotten a lot of support from the new publisher, and once they release their versions of books one and two, I’m confident there will be a boost in reviews and buzz, but right now, everything feels like limbo.  I don’t know what more I can do to get the word out there.

I feel like the books are solid, so I’ve got a reputable product.  Most of my readers respond with positive feedback, so I’m fairly certain the word-of-mouth is strong.  But I don’t know how to expand up to the next level.  I want to travel to more conventions, but right now, that’s not a viable option.  I feel like at this point, the internet is my most powerful ally, but how do I expand my readership through this medium?  How do I reach a broader audience?  I believe the central message of the series is compelling, that relationships and camaraderie should trump materialism and greed.  I believe the absence of profanity and adult content are strong selling points, but how do I get those messages out to more people?

I know my audience is out there.  I know there are people who have been craving the kind of adventure the series tells.  I know it because I feel it.  People still love to read, and people still love heroic tales.  I know there are readers out there who will love my books, but how do I reach them in this age?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Ramblings”

  1. The great questions for any writer – especially in this day and age, saturated as the market is. The continued prevalence of readers has never been the question – it is, of course, one of marketing: how to get it out there, and to their eyes. Wish I could say I had some tips beyond “think outside the box” (terribly helpful I know), but in general, I would say reviews, reviews, reviews – they’re key to the process, and getting the name out there. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the spring when it comes. If you’re keeping that busy right now, well, kudos on having done as much as you have already.

    1. Chris, thanks for the comments. My publisher will be sending out review copies once they re-release the first two books, but until the artist finishes the covers, I’m just stuck waiting. It’s a frustrating place to be.

      What kind of fiction do you write?

      1. I too go the fantasy route, though more toward the adult, Martin style of it I would say. So you can imagine my pleasure at encountering another fantasy author to follow! Cheers.

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