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The Future of Education!

Warning:  Recently The Ramblings of D. A. Adams engaged in subversive activity with its disparaging mockery of current student engagement and grade enhancement methodologies.  We at the Bureau of Educational Bureaucracy find this kind of insubordination abhorrent and unfounded.  The current policies and guidelines proposed by the BEB and then adopted and mandated by individual states represent thousands of hours of research by administrative professionals, who through rigorous study of theory and abstract concept, understand classroom paradigms more clearly than mere teachers.  In fact, current teacher evaluation procedures were written by an administrator not sullied by the cumbersome and mentally taxing burden of in-class experience.  Therefore, the procedures more clearly define teacher expectations through an unfiltered lens.

As a result of his subversion, D. A. Adams has been taken to an undisclosed location for advanced re-education protocol and, given the re-education is successful, should return to this blog sometime after the next election cycle.  Until then, his replacement, Dr. Bohrdem Tatears, will entertain you with PowerPoint presentations of flow charts for proper use of humor within the social hierarchy of future corporate-modeled educational systems.  Remember, humor is a dangerous tool and, like all tools, should only be wielded by trained professionals.

Editor’s Note: We at The Ramblings of D. A. Adams were unaware that Mr. Adams was involved in such deviant behavior and apologize for his disparaging criticism of BEB policies.  His views are not reflective of the respect and admiration we hold for the All Children Left Behind and Race to a Stop Acts.

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