Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

It’s curious to me how when the wealthy and well-to-do grab for more, that’s just capitalism.  Greed is good, they espouse.  But when we peasants ask for anything, it’s class warfare.  Get a better job, they grouse, while simultaneously making decisions that create jobs overseas.  They’ve manipulated every law, every regulation, every facet of government to benefit their best interests, and then seem offended when we simple folk complain about the absurd pressures being placed on us today.  They hide wealth in offshore accounts to avoid taxes, and then blame cops, firefighters, and teachers for the deficit.  They sit on their balconies, sipping champagne and mocking the protesters crowding the street below.

Their pomposity, so smug in self-righteousness, angers me.  They have crippled the wealthiest nation in the history of mankind, depleting nearly every advantage we once held, yet act as if because they themselves prosper, all is well in the mighty empire.  Well, all is not well.  We are fed up with the Big Lie.  We are fed up with rising prices and falling wages.  We are fed up with the blame being placed on those of us who go to work every day yet can’t afford basic healthcare.  We are fed up with crumbling infrastructure and pathetic excuses for leadership.

I’m for civil disobedience, for peaceful demonstration.  In a democratic republic such as ours, we should be able to enact change without bloodshed.  We should be able to reclaim our government with our voices and votes.  But the feeling I get is that the wealthy and well-to-do are so convinced of their own turgidity that they will not listen to reason and rational discourse.  I’m afraid that the peaceful protesters will soon be supplanted by the angry mob, and once that happens, things will get uncivilized and messy in a hurry.  Anger and frustration are dangerous fuels and can ignite rapidly.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings”

  1. Something is missing in all the talk about class warfare. The ubiquitous class structure labels (lower, middle, upper) are losing their usefulness (especially considering the incredible shrinking middle class) for helping us understand our economic differences and conflicts. I suggest we try these class categories: Dependent, Working, Rich, Crazy Rich. Right now the Crazy Rich are causing a lot of damage to our economy. I explain further at http://www.ragingwisdom.com/?p=79

  2. Great post! I said as much on Twitter but got crickets in response. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Believe that was JFK or Martin who said that. There are too many folks out there now who will refuse to have their voices silenced….

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