Saturday Afternoon Ramblings

I must be getting old because I find myself thinking a lot about just how lost this current generation seems to be.  Last night, I went to homecoming to support my niece, who was the junior representative for the court, and while watching the game, I found myself wondering how my coaches would’ve dealt with the egos and self-centered attitudes of the players.  The stadium has a fairly impressive video screen, and for pre-game, the kids get to record their own introductions.  It’s a pretty cool concept, but after watching the clips, I was simply disgusted.

First, all the boys acted in their videos like they were mugging for Monday Night Football.  The cockiness and arrogance of their posturing was ridiculous.  It might not put me off as badly if they had the skill to back it up, but their effort on the field was pretty disappointing.  I can’t imagine what Buddy Sausbury or Brumley Greene would’ve said to us if we had arm-tackled like that.   The defensive line to a player had weak technique, their first step typically being to stand up and look in the backfield.  On the line, low man wins, and the side that gets the better push with leverage controls the game.

Second, there was an attitude of entitlement in the videos that is pretty symbolic of all that’s wrong with this generation.  They’ve done nothing on the field to earn that swagger, yet they acted like they’re the defending state champs.  How about you accomplish something before you tell me how good you are?  I see that same mentality in the classroom and around campus.  Kids park in the faculty and staff lot and, when confronted, act as if they deserve to park there because somehow they are above the rules and beyond reproach.  At 38, I’ve paid my dues, kid.  Accomplish something before you take my parking spot.

I also took great umbrage with their uniforms.  I don’t know if it was a one game deal or what, and I don’t know who made the decision, but the team came out in all black.  Those aren’t the Trojan colors.  We wear crimson and silver.  Have a little respect for tradition, please.  A lot of people came before you to create that program, and we bled and sweated and toiled for those colors.  It meant something to me to put on that jersey, and I think it meant something to most of us.  Get rid of the black and wear the school colors, please.

I’m well aware that I sound like a cantankerous old man, and I know my opinion won’t hold much sway with anybody in the school system, student, teacher, or administrator.  But I was disappointed with what I saw last night and had to express my feelings.

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