Saturday Afternoon Ramblings

I’ve been working on updating my website last night and today.  While the basic appearance will remain the same, I’m actually redesigning it from the ground up.  The old template is at least five years old, and even though it functions, the html is a little archaic.  My analytics system can’t read the clicks on the different pages, so I want to update it so the program can keep track of everything properly.  The only problem is that I’m neither a web page designer nor a graphic artist, so I end up flying blind most of the time.  Give me prose any day of the week.

I truly admire the people who can do this stuff effortlessly.  I know just enough about web design to know how complex certain things are, so when I see a webpage that really crackles, I’m always impressed.  Rob brown, who did the poster for Brotherhood, does incredible work.  He designed the top and left banners for the current page, and I’ll keep his graphics for the new layout.  They’re really sharp and flow together beautifully.

The new page won’t be launched before New Year’s to give me plenty of time of polish and tweak.  I’m sure there will be many moments of cursing and pulling hair between now and then, but once it’s ready, I’ll announce it on here so everyone can come take a look.

In unrelated news, the storm is almost here, so all of you who are gonna be in its path, please be careful this weekend.  This weather has the potential to get very nasty, so don’t take any unnecessary risks.  Hope everyone stays warm and dry over the  next few days.

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