Monday Afternoon Ramblings

First of all, congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Super Bowl.  It’s great to see a team and a city have that kind of relationship, and it reminds me a little of the connection between the Steelers teams of the 70’s and the city that was suffering through the decline of the steel industry.  Back then, the team gave pride to the community at a time when it desperately needed something to believe in.  Hopefully, the people of New Orleans will take this victory and use it as inspiration for the better days to come.

We all need those better days, regardless of where you live.  These last few years have been a struggle for most of us.  Jobs are scarce; jobs that pay a real livable wage are even scarcer.  During the Super Bowl, a local commercial for a heart surgery center came on, and I thought to myself how many of us could really afford, even with insurance, to have the kind of care they offer.  I know I can’t at my current salary as an Instructor of English.  If this country is ever going to return to any semblance of prosperity, we need jobs and salaries that allow us to participate fully in the system.

Like the city of New Orleans, maybe as we rebuild, we can build things a little better this time so that the next storm doesn’t do quite so much damage.

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