Monday Morning Ramblings

I’m a passionate football fan.  I’ve loved the sport from an early age, and that love has not diminished over time.  No other sport so embodies the concept of team over individual as much.  Yesterday was a great day for football fans.  Brett Favre played a typical Brett Favre game, spectacular at times, flawed at others, but he gutted out a performance despite the Saints pounding his 40 year old body.  Drew Brees was magnificent.  Mark Sanchez proved that he belongs in the NFL, and Peyton Manning showed once again why he is one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks.

Despite all of the points scored and yardage gained, all four defenses played well, too.  While on paper it looks like the Jets defense got torched, they took away Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark, forcing Manning to find Collie and Garcon.  For the most part, their defense kept them in the game until the fourth quarter, and against an offense like the Colts, that’s not too shabby.

The Super Bowl should be fun.  Brees and Manning are two of the best playing today, and both defenses have enough play-makers to match-up well against the potent offenses.  While I like Peyton and all of his skills, I’m giving the edge to the Saints because of hunger.  The team really feels like it’s playing for the city to restore pride and dignity to the people after Katrina, and that’s an intangible that can’t be measured on the stats sheet.  The game will probably be fairly high-scoring with the Saints winning late.  However it ends up, it should be an exciting match-up between the two best teams this season.

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