What I’m Looking For

If I ever decide to have another relationship, it will only be with a certain kind of woman, and I will not settle for less.  Here’s what I need from someone:

1.) A friend, a woman who accepts me as I am, a woman who forgives my flaws and my mistakes without being too harsh with criticism.  I need someone I can lean on from time to time.

2.) A partner, a woman who understands my creative side and encourages me to write and promote without feeling like I’m ignoring her or putting her second.

3.) An independent thinker, a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind or have opinions or put me in my place from time to time.

4.) A football fan, a woman who enjoys the game, not someone who just tolerates me watching it.  I need a woman who understands zone blocking, man-to-man coverage, and zone blitzes.

5.) A lover, a woman who will spend a night on the sofa kissing me for as long as I want.  A woman who wants to talk and laugh and spend time together having fun.  A woman who is comfortable making love without her makeup on.

6.) A mother, a woman who loves her children as much as I love mine.

7.) A Strong Person, a woman who can give me space when I need it without feeling neglected.  The demons that haunt me sometimes make me sit alone for long stretches with nothing but my thoughts, and I need someone who can handle this.

8.) A Nurturer, a woman who can soothe me after a long, hard day.  Sometimes, the day-to-day is too much, and while I’m quite capable of being someone else’s rock, it would be nice to be loved on from time-to-time.

And here’s what I don’t need:

1.) Another mother, one is more than enough for me.

2.) A maid, I can take care of myself.

3.) A nurse, see above.

4.) A leech, my energy is my own and very precious.

5.) A coward, life is about taking risks and putting yourself out there.

6.) A cheater.

So there it is.  Applications are available in the HR office down the hall.


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