Saturday Morning Ramblings


Some highlights from the trip with the boys:

While I was applying anti-itch to his bug bite, Collin was reading the warning label on the box and asked, “Dad, do I have vaginal itch?”

Finn somehow got the notion to create a pee bottle, for convenience I guess.  For two days, he and Collin peed in an old cleaner bottle.  Luckily no spillage occurred.

Listening to Finn sing a nearly perfect rendition of Honky Tonk Heroes.

Body slams and power slams.

Two rafting trips.

Tubing with Heath.

Pool time with my best friend, Dagan, followed by Collin’s first tennis lessons.  He picked it up fairly well and fairly quickly.

On the ride home, singing with the boys each Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings song that came on Outlaw Country.  I’ve done something right since they knew every word of every one.

And though nothing can top vaginal itch, Collin asked me where babies come from.  I wasn’t prepared.


Raftingpark 2013

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Ramblings”

  1. Did you advise him as to what vaginas are? If he’s going to throw around the word, he needs to know… and actually, he needs to know anyways. He knows what HIS male parts are called, after all (or at least I hope he does). He should also know that girly-parts have real names 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you guys had a great time! If they are still amused by converting a cleaner bottle into a toilet, I don’t think they are seriously interested in finding out about babies yet. Probably just a passing comment they heard someone make at school. So no worries, you still have time to prep your answer!

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